The perfect day

Our Health Retreat

Take A Time to Yourself in Paradise.

A Home Away from Home. A Place to Disconnect from the world.

The 4 Days Health Detox  Program Includes A Full Board Menu With Healthy Food, Yoga or Personal Trainer, 2 Massage and Water sports.

It is Proven That Yoga helps to detox your body and mind.

After a Day in Paradise on our Luxury Goldfinger Yard Nothing Could be Better Than a Massage at the sunset to End the Day.

Good Eating is the Key of Wellbeing. In Our 4 Days You will be pleased with Fresh Quality from the Market. Based On Organic Fruits and Vegetables. Our Menu is light and Healthy. 

(Price 1.850 € per Pers. for 4 days Excl. Boot Charter – Details you will find at BOOKING)


YogaClass OR Personal Trainer 9:00

Breakfast 11:00

Dinner 18:00

Massage First / Third Day 19:30

DAY 1:

To Start the Detox Process, we will Consume Only Liquids For one day. That will Help to eliminate Toxins and be ready to receive the Nutrients

Day 2:

Now its Time to Nourish our Body with Good Food, full of Flavors and Vitamines.

Today the Menue is Based On Thai Culinary, with spiciness that will help increase the metab­olism

Day 3:

It is Time to have a Culinary Travel to Middel east Packed with amazing healthy Benefits.

Day 4:

our Menue is inspired in the mediter­ranen cuisine. The Most tradi­tional and healthy in the world.

Simply contact our reser­vation team and every­thing will be arranged.

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